HQi Plan Microsite

For additional HQi websites, for special purposes, transactions, foreign languages etc, add a Microsite Plan

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HQi Plan Microsite


Often there's different target audiences that are better addressed with a separate website.
Perhaps its a transaction underway or proposed, or a community site for a special group of people.
For non-English speaking people the best solution is a complete copy of the corporate website in the foreign language(s).
Maybe its an intranet, or a dataroom with a secure login.
All these needs can be addressed with an additional HQi Microsite


For a Microsite we establish a new separate instance of HQi with a stand-alone website. It will have its own domain or sub-domain, and its own navigation.
From an administrative point of view, it will have its own set of administrator users so different people in the organisation can be responsible for content.
It has separate email distribution lists, branding and so on.
For full copy foreign language sites, HQi can understand which instance is the master and which the slave, and when the master is updated the IRM Support Plan will update the slave under the Support Plan.
IRM Secure website offer a login capability so that only people with login codes can access content.
There are many applications for HQi Microsite.

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You will have a existing IRM website, probably under a HQi Plan, and a Support Plan. You don't need a separate Support Plan for the Microsite. You may also have a IRM Newsroom Plan.

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IRM Pty Ltd

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HQi Plans


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Existing HQi plan, separate microsite