How online interactive reports can help your business

Online interactive reports


Snapshots at a point in time.

Your reports are dated documents prepared to communicate your status.

Whether it's your prospectus, annual report or sustainability report, these summaries deliver messages that stand through time. Locked into the format of the report.

Like any Australian listed company, you publish your reports, presentations and newsletters as ASX Announcements, an entirely online media. Exactly why a strong online presence is needed to fulfil this information need.

No wonder many companies are trading in boring PDF files for online interactive formats. This digital design is user-centric. Allowing investors to easily view and engage with reports, especially on phones and tablets.

Consider how investors will appreciate these responsive features of online reports. And see how it would in turn be beneficial for your business as well.

1. Investors will VIEW your reports easily

Online interactive reports are presented in a PDF page viewer that gives a very tactile, book-like usability experience for investors. This means they can flip pages on a full screen mode or zoom in on sections they’d like to focus on.

In this format, the report’s contents are listed on the left side of the reading pane, with an option to view them as text or thumbnails. Investors can even do a search for key words they’re interested in, such as the executive summary or financial statements. No need to sift through the many pages of the entire report.

2. Investors will ENGAGE with your reports quickly

Online interactive reports offer a bookmarking facility to flag pages users want to pore over, such as highlights and takeaways. This digital format even enables individual pages, sections or full PDFs to be downloaded. So investors can read it offline or at a later time of their choosing.

Sharing buttons are integrated into the viewer too, enabling investors to easily share parts, or the whole report with peers. Helping promote the summaries, stats, and charts and figures from your report.

3. Investors will NAVIGATE through pages smoothly

Online interactive reports are created in a responsive design that makes navigation effortless. So investors can browse through the pages or go straight to the information they’re looking for.

And this receptive format works well with any device, whether desktop or mobile, like iPhone, iPad, or Android. A convenient way to learn about your business as they go through their investor journey.

The bottom line

Online interactive reports convey information in a way that encourages investors to invest in your company. This responsive format enhances the quality of your presentation. Providing stakeholders easy navigation so they can enjoy reading and engaging with your reports.


Adopt better ways to present your report

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