COVID-19 crisis: Don’t leave your Investors in quarantine

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COVID crisis

You are probably over hearing about the COVID-19 crisis. But now is not the time to isolate yourselves from your investors. Now more than ever, your investors need to know it is business as usual or best as it can be in these trying circumstances.

Whether you are drilling for a resource, waiting for results on a study you recently completed or you are working tirelessly on a joint venture, now is not the time to stop the news flow.

Now is the time your investors will have the time to read your announcements, especially if they are working from home or are self-isolating. Right at this minute, they are crawling through your website and catching up on what you are doing.

They know the market is down, the media is bombarding them with doomsday news but don’t let them go to your website and leave disappointed.

There is no better time than now to update your website. Maybe a redesign of your whole website, or if not, here are a few things you can do for little or no money:

1. Get your website content up to date

Why not look at ensuring your content is all up to date. Take a look at your last quarterly report, last annual report and make sure what you have said in those documents are reflected on your website.

Are your resources and publications all up to date? Are the diagrams you paid a fortune for actually on your website? Your MD might have given a brilliant presentation but were those slides and images uploaded to your website for your investors to see?

Update content

Make sure your website content is up to date.

2. Highlight your latest company news

Have you taken on any new projects, new ventures, new trials which you can add to your website?

Your investors want your information at their fingertips readily. They don’t want to go scrolling through your ASX announcements to find out this information. Add a couple of new pages to your website, so it is easy for the world to see.

Latest newsFeature the latest company news on your website.

3. Refresh images on your banner 

Is your website starting to look a bit tired and dated? You don’t need to spend thousands on updating it.

Why not add a few new banners on the homepage with straplines telling investors what you do and why they should invest in you. Add some great images behind the text and BAM! You have a homepage which looks new but hasn’t cost you a fortune.

Banner image

Give your banner images a makeover.

4. Add buttons and links for easy navigation

Do you have enough call-to-action buttons on your homepage? Do you have a search button to make navigating your site easier? Your investors' time is worth more than yours (at least in their minds).

Make sure you have links to your social media pages and ways to subscribe to your news. Investors want to hear from you directly, not get your news from someone else. So make it easy for them to sign up and stay connected. 

NavigationButtons and links will help investors to easily navigate your site. 

5. Do a health check report on your website

Have you done a Health Check Report (Google analytics) on your site lately? It is a great way to tell what people are looking at so you can focus on those particular pages, if time or money is tight.

The report will also tell you important things, like how much traffic you are getting, where the traffic is coming from and what your keywords are. If you haven’t done one of these lately, it would be great that you do.

In a nutshell

In these tough times, your investors need to know it is business as usual or best as it can be in your company. So, make sure your website content is updated, featuring your latest company news. Give your banner images a makeover and use buttons or links for quick navigation. Not to forget, a health check report to ensure your website is running smoothly.

All the best and stay safe!

More where those ideas came from 

These ideas could go on and on, as there are more ways to enhance your online investor communications. And if you're looking to redesign your whole website, IRM are more than happy to help.

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